Mutations are also possible during the development of the fetus.

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Some medications can also cause hematopoiesis suppression (those that help with rheumatoid arthritis and some groups of antibiotics). Connective tissue diseases and, in some cases, pregnancy, can cause aplasia. Not in the last place are infectious diseases, hepatitis viruses and influenza. Aplasia of the bone marrow can cause anemic coma or dysfunction of individual organs. The patient can be constantly disturbed by fungal and infectious diseases, since the immune system with such a disease is greatly weakened.

Treatment mainly consists of cialsi pills: The use of steroid anabolics that stimulate protein formation. Blood transfusion with washed erythrocytes. This is an extreme measure and is used when the life of the patient is threatened. Aplasia is a pathology that can affect any organ.

Aplasia is a manifestation of a malformation of the fetus, which is expressed in the absence of any organ, its part or tissue sections. This pathology should be distinguished from hypoplasia, in which the organ may be in its infancy or reduced in size and devoid of normal structure.

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If the newborn does not have skull bones, then brain aplasia is often observed along with them (it is also called anencephaly). This pathology is 100% fatal. Moreover, 75% of cialis pills die in utero, while the rest live no more than 5 days after birth.

Although there is a known case of the birth in the USA in 1992 of a girl with a similar diagnosis, who lived for 2 years and 174 days. Breathing and the functioning of the internal organs in her body was carried out due to the preserved brain stem. But, nevertheless, the girl was periodically connected to an artificial respiration apparatus, since the resulting crises led to its stop.

Aplasia of the uterus and vagina. Cases of underdevelopment or complete absence of the uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina are an infrequent pathology. Women who have it cannot become pregnant or carry a baby on their own.